Top realtor's client research secret and how it could work for brokers

by Mackenzie McCarty19 Feb 2013

One Sydney-based realtor has taken a proactive approach to getting client feedback – and he believes the technique could benefit mortgage brokers as well.

John Cunningham, director of multi-award winning Cunningham’s Property in Balgowlah, tells Australian Broker that his agents are asked to provide prospective home-sellers with a four-page long questionnaire, covering everything from how the client found out about his agency to what they understand about the housing market.

“The questionnaire is designer to discover what is really driving the decision to call us: Is it serious? Is it timely? Who referred them and why? And what do they know about us?”

While the concept of using a client questionnaire may not be entirely new, Cunningham’s approach has proven highly successful in generating straight-forward information on what makes his clients tick and he believes it could be a useful option for brokers as well.

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