Top tips for new brokers revealed

Three elite young guns dish out advice on how to be the top in their field

Top tips for new brokers revealed


By Mina Martin

New to mortgage broking? Here’s what new-to-industry brokers can do to be at the top of their game, according to three elite young guns.

Taku Ekanayake, director and mortgage broker at Kin Financial, said new brokers need to really focus on their story, fine-tune what sort of value proposition they can bring to the market, and to find their niche.

“Really fine tune what your story is and why should customers reach out to you,” Ekanayake said.

Feris Dedic, director at Red Door Financial Group, said that new brokers should be themselves and put clients first.

“You need to make sure that you relate to them and put yourself in their shoes through every situation,” Dedic said. “That way, you can take care of them the best way possible, and make sure that you work hard to ensure that you get the solution that they require.”

Nitish Kumar, mortgage broker at Clarity Home Loans, added: “The biggest thing for young brokers is to ask every client that you see for a client referral. Ask them if they know anyone else who needs a home loan and that you can assist him.”

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