Training company hosts broker diversification webinar, gets 200 registrants

by AB16 Oct 2013

Financial services training company, Intellitrain, has conducted a free one-hour webinar in an effort to help brokers understand the benefits of using VET Fee Help - and more than 200 registrants reportedly signed on.

The program allows users to enter into a financial planning program designed specifically for brokers looking to diversify and runs over eight months, resulting in a full Diploma in Financial Planning – though students become ‘fully fledged’ insurance advisers after three to four months.

According to Intellitrain CEO, Paul Eldridge, brokers who complete the eight months get a further 12 months of business coaching to help them ‘cement’ the new services into their business.

“Our proof is in the pudding,” says Eldridge, who was a co-presenter on the initial webinar. “If you look at the top diversifiers in the industry, many of them are our past alumni.”

Eldridge says feedback from the webinar has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’ so far.

“Judging from the volume of questions we received, there is clearly an interest in this space.  We made the point that there is a difference between education and qualifications.  Plenty of RTOs will sell you a qualification, but very few actually care about providing you with the actual skills, knowledge, confidence and support to add a new service to your business.”