Virtual reality to shake-up real estate industry

by AB15 Aug 2016
Virtual reality is here and it is set to shake-up the real estate industry with the launch of Inspect Anytime.

Inspect Anytime is designed on the premise of 360° virtual reality, without the goggles. It allows consumers to see a property in its entirety from the viewer’s perspective, not just the agents.

Inspect Anytime's Wade Short said it will transform the role of the real estate agent, who can spend less time on showing properties and more time on managing properties. He said renters can also look forward to not being restricted by limited 15 minute open for inspections. 

“Property managers looking after investment properties most likely will consolidate into a role that is more maintenance related rather than leasing properties,” Short said.

He said it will also force the real estate agent to innovate and add value to their service offering.

“When prospective tenants and buyers can view a property at their leisure, real estate agents will need to consider how they can value add to the experience. That will be the challenge going forward. 

“Nonetheless, to rent or purchase a property still needs a human to human interaction.”