VOI app realigns to third party perspective

The platform has undergone a rebrand with a number of new and upcoming features that expand its relevance for brokers

VOI app realigns to third party perspective



Australian law firm MSA National has announced the rebrand of its popular verification of identity (VOI) app IDme which is now called IDyou.

The name change occurred for three key reasons, one of which was to promote clarity around who was exactly targeted by the app.

“A lot of brokers said, ‘I’m using the app to ID you. Why have you called it IDme?’” Sam Makhoul, MSA managing director, told Australian Broker.

The old name IDme implied the app was to be used by the consumer or borrower, he said, whereas the new name IDyou changes this and makes the broker the intended user.

“I think there are going to be a lot more consumer apps that are more relevant for retail so we didn’t want this to be confused as [one of those]. It’s more of a broker tool.”

Secondly, the name change reflects the fact that IDyou is one of the few offering remote VOI for brokers, Makhoul said.

“We thought it would make more sense in that context to make it IDyou. It’s about the broker identifying you as the customer remotely.”

This subtle change was especially relevant, Makhoul added, since the Australian Registrars' National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) is believed to eventually bring remote VOI under the safe harbour rules which ensure that services provided to the public are of a high professional and ethical standard.

The rebrand also comes with added functionality for the app including Touch ID for fingerprint recognition and more.

“Now you [also] have the ability to select the lender from a dropdown list that allows you to forward the report directly to that lender.”

MSA plans on adding new features next year to expand the app beyond simple verification of identity. This includes ordering evaluation reports, conducting credit checks and more, Makhoul said.

“We hope the market likes surprises because MSA will be delivering some pretty big ones in 2018.”

To avoid confusion, the app’s new logo will look very similar to the old with the only real addition being a fingerprint embedded into the watermark.

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