Westpac rolls out e-cards

by Calida Smylie21 May 2014
If you recently attended the MFAA conference you probably gathered up a new collection of business cards – which are likely going to be hidden under a pile of desk junk by the time you need to get in touch with your new contacts.
Westpac head of distribution Tony MacRae told Australian Broker that the bank is getting round that problem by rolling out electronic business cards for its staff in the next two weeks.
Popular overseas, the e-cards with contact details can be sent direct to a new contact by smartphone while meeting the new contact.
“People's lifestyles are demanding how changes come about,” MacRae said.
“We enable our teams to remain mobile – any time, anywhere – so the broker can talk to the right person in the organisation.”
And brokers must also keep up with technology to stay relevant in a quickly-changing world, said MacRae.
But there is no need to splash cash on the latest technological gadget.
The first thing brokers should do is understand what the problem is and solve it rather than burning cash by hopping on board with the newest technology, MacRae warned.


  • by Old Broker 21/05/2014 9:52:41 AM

    How about loan approvals and also not cancelling brokers accreditation. Maybe you have never wrote a loan? I dare say...