What was 2014's most talked about story?

by AB31 Dec 2014
The Australian Broker Online forums are always a lively spot, with brokers discussing and debating new industry developments. But one story this year seemed to inspire more conversation than any other.

Just this month, ASIC's announcement that it would be turning its eye toward interest-only loans sparked intense discussion on the Australian Broker Online forums (Regulators crack down on interest-only loans). While some brokers took aim at the regulators, consumer advocate Denise Brailey took banks to task for what she claimed were predatory loans. Brokers were sceptical, and a heated debate ensued.

Make sure to come back in the New Year for what's certain to be another 12 months of lively industry discourse on the Australian Broker Online forums.


  • by Regional broker 2/01/2015 11:13:24 AM

    We need to realise that this is a BROKER FORUM,
    Consumer have their place , the discussion took the direction it should have given its target readership !