White label product boost means fixed rate discounts

A financial services company's white label loan book has grown by 65% over the past two years, prompting fixed rate home loan decreases



Advantedge Financial Services’ white label loan book has more than doubled over the past two years.
Demand for its white label products has boosted growth by 65% over this time, which has prompted the company to drop its fixed rate home loans.
Advantedge has reduced its three, four and five year fixed rate terms from today via PLAN Lending, ChoiceLend and FASTLend.
The lowest available rate on a three year loan is now 4.68% per annum, 5.06% per annum on a four year loan and 5.39% per annum on a five year loan.
Advantedge distribution general manager Brett Halliwell said the company’s white label model means flexibility to offer “highly competitive rates” exclusively to brokers.
“Today’s rate cuts are supported by our commitment to deliver market leading products for our brokers and their customers,” he said.
“Our operations team is delivering consistent turnaround times and is well placed to handle the uplift in volume that we expect to receive.”


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