Wholesale funder knocks back variable rates to 5.08%

by AB15 Jul 2013

Advantedge Financial Services has reduced its variable rates, with the lowest available rate from 5.08% p.a. on business below 75% LVR (reduced by 0.05% p.a.) and an eight basis point reduction to 5.15% p.a. on business above 75% LVR.

Effective from today, the new rates are available to all new full doc and low doc applications via Advantedge’s home brand fixed rate product suite under PLAN Lending, FASTLend and ChoiceLend.

Brett Halliwell, GM of Advantedge Distribution, says the move is part of the group’s ‘on-going commitment’ to providing brokers and their customers with value-adding

products at ‘highly competitive’ rates.

“There has been a lot of rate movements in recent weeks and Advantedge remains at the forefront of the industry. We are driven by providing our brokers some of the best rates in the market to help our brokers grow their businesses.”


LVR Band

Low Rate Option

Standard Option

LVR ≤ 75%

5.08% p.a. (-0.05% p.a.)

5.18% p.a. (-0.05% p.a.)

LVR >75% up to 90%

5.15% p.a. (-0.08% p.a.)

5.25% p.a. (-0.08% p.a.)