Wholesale funder relaunches loan products

by Miklos Bolza16 Nov 2017
Advantedge Financial Services has announced the relaunch of its founding white label home loan products.

These mortgages are offered through aggregators PLAN Australia, FAST and Choice Aggregation Services and have now been adapted to align with improvements made to Advantedge’s products and services over the past two years.

Advantedge general manager Brett Halliwell said the new identity of the founding products, ChoiceLend, FASTLend and PLANLend, was designed to evolve all three brands which were originally launched in 2009.

“We have reinvested in our founding brands and have aligned PLANLend, ChoiceLend and FASTLend to better reflect each unique aggregator brand. We decided to change to PLANLend to ensure consistency across each of our brands.”

Halliwell said that each product was still simple and easy to understand despite the new look.

“This will no doubt help raise brand confidence and generate greater association with the aggregator brands among brokers and their customers.”

Advantedge had maintained a consistent track record around turnaround times, keeping them within service levels for more than two years, Halliwell said.

“With a quality submission, we generally deliver approvals within 48 hours or less, frequently delighting brokers when the decision is unconditional.”

The wholesale funder has also simplified its pricing structure over the past 12 months, making it easier for brokers and clients to understand, he said.

“We’re also enabling brokers to deliver innovative, yet simple, solutions to their customers through digital verification of identity and digital document delivery and signing for home loans, which launched last month.”

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