YBR’s ‘GURU’ to shake up the financial planning industry

Yellow Brick Road’s new robo-advice technology is set to disrupt the financial planning industry



Yellow Brick Road’s new robo-advice technology is set to shake up the financial advice industry by allowing consumers to take control, through a simulation system called GURU. 

The GURU technology will allow consumers themselves to calculate the likelihood of reaching their financial goals based on their current situation.

“The financial planning industry is ripe for disruption and Yellow Brick Road is rising to the challenge,” YBR executive chairman Mark Bouris said.

“Australians are sick and tired of an industry that cannot provide them simple, affordable financial check-ups and guidance, regardless of income and assets.”

Under the traditional model, according to Bouris, a consumer’s financial summary is only revealed after a fee is charged. In contrast, YBR’s model will offer the information upfront free of all fees or ongoing charges.

“People want control. What if you want to take two years off work? What will this mean for your future? Perhaps you want to buy a car, extend a loan to your kids or cover university costs. This model will finally give the 80% of Australians - who don’t access financial advice - a solution that works for them.”

The model has three key components which include a session with GURU to capture their full financial situation and the changes they need to make to reach their goals. 

“GURU draws on the best of robo-advice technology and uses tens of thousands of calculations to let you see your future, as it stands today. Then it puts the control in your hands to discover the best path forward. It’s an empowering and sobering session.”

A ‘Roadmap’ is then generated to take home free-of-charge and a YBR money coach is on hand if the consumer wants to action any changes, which would start at $900 (+GST) for the first year and $600 (+GST) for every subsequent year.

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