Simone Tilley news

  • Major invites broker input on education initiative by Madison Utley

    Bank exec asks for feedback and topic suggestions to shape development of new series

  • Romancing the loan writers by Melanie Mingas

    Last year, while executives from the major banks answered to the royal commission, their non-bank competitors quietly issued 60% of all new mortgages. Now, with their sights set on regaining lost ground, the majors are back in business with new tools, touchpoints and tech – but is it enough to win back the third-party channel?

  • The fintech transformation by AB

    According to one fintech expert, brokers could soon be replaced by smart speakers. But will customers embrace such a technological leap?

  • ANZ partners with broker fintech tool by Rebecca Pike

    The new e-lodgement tool will help brokers submit residential mortgage applications

  • Jocks, a dog calendar and a traffic ticket by Otiena Ellwand

    Industry leaders tell Australian Broker about the best and worst Christmas gifts they've ever received

  • ANZ aims at broker/branch alignment by Miklos Bolza

    The big four bank has embarked on a nationwide strategy to enhance cooperation between direct and third party channels