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Mark Davis is 'Australian Broker of the Year'

Mark Davis of The Australian Lending and Investment Centre took home the 'Australian Broker of the Year' for the second time running at last years Australian Mortgage Awards. We caught up with him for his thoughts on the evening and on the industry.

Video transcript below:

Mark Davis, The Australian Lending & Investment Centre
Mark Davis:
 Fantastic event.  It’s the most prestigious, we don’t even enter MFAA, AMA [sure it is], so we are extremely happy and lucky to be part of it.  I believe in speciality, I believe in being great at what you do, I believe in knowing what your limits are and bringing specialists around you.  So you are just got to be the greatest lender and the best lender out there and that’s all we focus on.  We make more money by cross selling and doing different things but it’s not the space we want to buy in.