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MFAA refreshed and ready to engage

In the wake of the recent wave of MFAA promotions we caught up with Tim Brown, newly appointed to the MFAA's National Board, to get his insights into the MFAA's near future. 

Video transcript below:

Anna Temple, Australian Broker Online
Anna Temple:  In the wake of the recent MFAA promotions we caught up with Tim Brown newly appointed to the National Board to get his insights into the MFAA’s near future. According to Brown next moves for the MFAA are all about re-engaging with members around issues of education and image, helping brokers to raise their profile in their communities.

Tim Brown, MFAA NSW Board Member
Tim Brown:  They are about to launch a new consumer awareness program and out of that program will come two a toolkit that brokers will then be able to also utilise with their own advertising, that will help them lift that profile. And I think also you know, probably more relevant education topics specially in this environment and they are doing that now with the SMSF training program.  And I think those sort of things will start to help us reengage with the members now, now especially now the focus is off  the diploma.
Anna Temple:  Brown also urges the mortgage industry to communicate and work more with other financial associations as there is a lot of common ground.
Tim Brown:  I think also working with other associations, I have always been a great believer you know, in scale and numbers, will always give you a greater voice in the community and I think a lot of the issues that we are facing are relevant to other associations, such as accountancy and financial planning.  And I think working with those associations will also help us to lift our profile.
Anna Temple:  With regards to MFAA’s role in the future of the industry, Brown believes the role will be more educational as well as continuing to both put pressure on and consult with the Government over relevant issues.
Tim Brown:  I think the role will be more of a educational, it will continue to lobby Government.   I think what it has to do is actually take legislation to the Government proposing changes. I think the intent of the Government is always good but I think their execution is always poor, especially when it comes to legislation and I think what we need to do in protecting consumers is actually protecting them from themselves. And I think that’s done through education, not through legislation and I think what we need to do as a group of or as an industry, we need to go to the Government with suggested changes to education  and for me that’s even down to school level educating borrowers at a very early age to demonstrate  good debt and bad debt.  And I think that’s an area that we can really improve upon.
Anna Temple:  This is Anna Temple reporting for Australian Broker Online.