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Stefania Riotto is BDM of the Year

Stefania Riotto of Advantedge was named BDM of the Year at last years Australian Mortgage Awards. We caught up with her for her reaction and her insights into BDMs' role in the space.

Video transcript below:

Stefania Riotto, BDM, Advantedge
Stefania Riotto:
 I don’t know, it’s tough competition, but obviously I have done something that the judges kind of liked what I do and how I work, so I am just pretty proud and pleased, so.  Absolutely critical, it’s just a lynchpin between the lenders and what they are trying to do to build the business.  So BDMs are definitely worth their weight in gold and not because I am one, but they are really key to making that process as smooth as possible, so.  Lot more hard work and just tenaciousness and keep doing what you are doing, it’s all about people in the end who actually need the loans and brokers just need us to help make those things happen, so yeah.