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Westpac Rescue Helicopters announced as AMAs charity partner

Westpac Rescue Helicopters have been proudly announced as this year's charity partner for the AMAs.
This week Tony MacRae and Australian Broker News visited the La Perouse chopper base to find out more about this vital service and how the money raised will help to save lives.

Video transcript below:

Tony MacRae, GM, Westpac (Mortgage Broker Distribution)
Tony MacRae:
 Once again Westpac is delighted to be partnering with Keymedia and the Australian Mortgage Awards in 2013. Westpac has had a long and proud association with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and so we are delighted this year to announce that the rescue Choppers are the Charity partner for the Australian mortgage awards.  We would love the whole mortgage industry to get behind this Charity Drive and help us raise a minimum of a100,000.  The Rescue Choppers have had a proud association with Australia and Westpac is proud to be a partner with them. 

- Funding means that our base stays open and that we are able to help people in trouble.
- Well the most important thing is the safety of people on the coast.  Without the funding this service just does not exist.
Tony MacRae:  So obviously on the night we will be doing various events in [sign an auction] but a few days before on October 16 we will be holding a gala celebrity Golf Day. We would also love to hear from brokers or aggregators that use the service, their family, friends  use the service and be able to spread their stories to the mortgage broking  industry.