Advantedge unveils new tech development

Tool offers brokers live chat support, responsive lender updates and data autofill

Advantedge unveils new tech development


By Melanie Mingas

One of Australia’s largest distributors of white label home loans has partnered with a software developer to pioneer a new tool for brokers.

Loanapp is described as a “dynamic loan application tool”, that offers live chat support and real-time feedback, data autofill, responsive lender updates and an intuitive user interface built for ease of use.

It has been developed by Advantedge and software firm Simpology, after the two entered into a “strategic alliance”.

“The decision to integrate Simpology’s Loanapp platform into our offering, further strengthens our ability to offer more streamlined and efficient services to brokers,” said Advantedge GM Brett Halliwell.

“Loanapp‘s interactive features connect brokers directly to lenders, effectively streamlining the lodgement process. By reducing backend administration and enhancing quality submissions, the tool is another example of how we are supporting brokers in delivering good customer outcomes,” Halliwell continued.

Loanapp includes serviceability calculators, advanced data collection and auto-save features, live validation of applications and third-party integration.

Further, it can be integrated into CRM systems like Podium or used as a standalone.

Simpology founder and chief executive Kate Gubbins said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Advantedge and look forward to working collaboratively to connect with and support a greater number of brokers who are looking to streamline their business operations.

“LoanApp has been developed with simplicity and speed in mind and provides brokers with the tools and support to submit quality applications with less effort and in less time,” she added.

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