Banker turned broker explains switch

"At the bank I felt more like a sales person than someone who could find the right solution"

Banker turned broker explains switch


By Rebecca Pike

A former banker has said becoming a mortgage broker has enabled him to offer far superior service to clients than what he was able to achieve while working for a major bank.

The director of Rubix Financial Solutions in Sydney’s west, Jason Moothoo, said he spent almost a decade working as a business banker as well as in home loan financing before starting his own broking business earlier this year.

Moothoo said, “During eight years with a major bank I spent three years as a home lending specialist helping PAYG clients get loans and five years as a business banker helping self-employed clients obtain finance for either residential or commercial purposes.

“The main reason I decided to leave and become a broker was because at the bank I felt more like a sales person than someone who could find the right solution for customers.

“There were many occasions where I would have to decline customer loan applications because they did not meet the bank’s guidelines, only to find out later that another lender had approved them.

“On other occasions the bank’s offering just did not match what was on offer from competitors.”

Moothoo said he enjoyed his time as a business banker and assisting startups and other small to medium enterprises.

He added, “I really loved seeing a business grow and the stories behind their success.

“As a business banker you are basically doing the exact same thing as a broker and managing your own portfolio.

“That is why I thought why not go out on my own and start my own broking business and challenge myself. I always love a challenge and I'm a big believer that the only way to grow is by making changes and that's what I've done.”

Since establishing Rubix Financial Solutions, Moothoo has been able to assist several businesses to find solutions to suit their needs through a range of lenders.

He said, “Obtaining finance solutions from a bank is almost like a one-way street.

“Since I’ve started as a broker, I’ve realised that there are so many other solutions out there for customers. This has allowed me to become more of a trusted advisor.”



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