Support for broker day ramps up

"This year more than ever, the industry needs to be united"

Support for broker day ramps up


By Rebecca Pike

Supporters of National Finance Brokers Day (NFBD) are calling for the industry to be united, with just over a month to go until the event.

Taking place on 15 August, the day aims to support the industry and demonstrate the wealth of experience brokers can bring to their customers.

Chief operating officer of HashChing, Siobhan Hayden, said the company is a strong supporter of NFBD.

She said, “Mortgage brokers introduce choice, competition and service into the home loan industry.

“Without mortgage brokers, the major lenders would have no incentive to offer innovative lending products or better interest rates, the non-major lenders would be shut out of the industry due to their lack of retail network which is essential for customer engagement without brokers, and customers would have to work directly with a single lender to get a home loan and just accept whatever that one lender tells them is the best rate.

“Unfortunately, examination into Australian banking culture by the Royal Commission has resulted in some sensational headlines about mortgage brokers.

“This year more than ever, the industry needs to be united and communicate the value we deliver to the $1.7tn Australian Mortgage Market.”

The speaker at the NFBD main event is Mark Bouris. He said, “It’s important for old long haul industry guys like me to stand up and support the broker industry in these uncertain times.

“The big banks have deep pockets and hordes of people pushing their positions, no one really stands up for brokers.

“I believe in the integrity of the broker community and I want to be in their corner.”

Informed Loan is also supporting the day. Director Janine Leafe said, “NFBD is an annual celebration and acknowledgement of mortgage brokers and the positive impact they have on consumers of financial products and the home loan industry.

“I am an avid supporter of the event because it encourages transparency for consumers and camaraderie for brokers, an ultimate win/win scenario.”

The day has been founded and organised by Dino Pacella, who saw a need to raise awareness of what brokers can offer.

He said, “Brokers are familiar with the complexities of the current market, which will continue to benefit the consumer, and so we need to ensure we’re not taking the opportunity away from the consumer to receive integral guidance and support when it comes to their loan requirements.”

You can register for the free event here.



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