BDM turns brand coach

After seven years at the lender he is venturing into something different

BDM turns brand coach


By Rebecca Pike

A business development manager behind National Finance Broker Day (NFBD) has announced he is leaving his role to pursue a new passion.

Dino Pacella has been at Suncorp for seven years, a BDM for the last five of them, and he founded the annual broker celebration in 2015.

While he says his passion for brokers will not go away, Pacella is moving on to new things in a whole new area.

Today (1 November), he launches his new business in Brand Accountability Coaching, where he will guide his clients on building their brand, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn.

An avid user of the social media platform, Pacella has been building this enterprise for more than a year now and this week spoke at a digital marketing summit in Perth.

He said he is very excited about the new venture, which has already received interest from clients globally, and he said he has reached a great position where can “give this a crack”.

He added, “As well as a huge passion for the broking industry I have got a huge passion for social media.

“I probably started on LinkedIn a couple of years ago. I thought personal branding was bringing myself to the audience, my corporation, what we do best and our services.

“It wasn’t until a couple of years ago where I’d listened to the market feedback and more experienced people that touch on personal branding and something I work towards now is flip the M in Me and focus on We.

“That’s why my followers increase. The engagement isn’t there when you’re posting all about yourself all the time and that sounds really simple.”

Pacella said it’s all about getting the right balance between posting your own posts and engaging with the network, through replying to comments or other people’s posts.

Rather than explicitly telling clients what to say, Pacella will help them establish a routine to develop their brand and provide tips and tricks on how to keep that up.

He said, “It’s like if you wanted to lose weight and you hired a personal trainer at the gym and they got you ready, then maybe you’d go see a dietician. I’d be the personal trainer. When you get to the point when you want to grow the business and lead generation, I have got referrals.

“I’m not providing the content for people, it’s the accountability piece. There’s times where people start it and then they fall down in a couple of weeks.

“There’s daily accountability measures to ensure they make it a habit. So it doesn’t become a chore for them just something that they do like getting a coffee.”

Pacella offers one-on-one coaching, group training, keynote speaking and corporate workshops and is scheduled to speak at the Executive Digital Leadership Evening in Western Australia on 20 November.

He added that he will still be behind National Finance Broker Day 2019, with more details to be released next year.

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