Brokerage co-founder resigns to crack online space

by Rebecca Pike28 Apr 2018

One of the founding members of Shore Financial has announced his decision to resign as director.

James Green helped to found the company alongside CEO Theo Chambers and managing director Alex Nochar, after they met at McGrath Oxygen Home Loans.

Green will now begin a “really exciting opportunity in the online space” at lead generation company Rate Comparison.

Speaking about leaving the company he helped to launch, Green said, “My heart’s still left behind, but it’s in great hands now. You don’t know if you’re going to miss out on the future growth that’s so promising for that business. It’s great to be a leader in such a business with Theo and Alex and the ability to take in new people. There’s a lot to be said about mentoring and coaching and I’m going to miss that.”

But Green says this is the start of something new and he is very excited. He added, “I want to be the first one to really crack that online mortgage space. After completely smashing the real estate model and being successful at McGrath and Short Financial it’s a new challenge for me.

“I think it’s the future. Online advertising spend passed TV ads this year. To ignore the online space any further would be at your own peril.

“I want to build on what we’ve got. These amazing brokers they know what they’re doing. They have a crazy insane focus on customer experience. Take that and combine it with my ability to generate leads.”

Green and his wife Kristen have also officially sold their interests in the company, saying it’s only fair to give back to the brokers. He said, “I’ve taken the opportunity to sell to brokers to allow them to grow and to give back to the new guys.

“There’s not much room for people to sit on the board as a passive investor. You’ve got to be active, you’ve got to be in house. And I can’t be in house much more.”

A statement released by Shore Financial said, “Shore Financial wishes to recognise and thank James Green for his contribution as one of the founding members, along with Alex Nochar and Theo Chambers. As a consultant to the business, James was instrumental in the early days of the establishment of Shore Financial and together with the other founders, grew a significant mortgage business.

“James has been a consultant to many mortgage businesses in the industry even during his tenure at Shore, due to his outstanding sales skills and his understanding of mortgage distribution.”


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