Diverse and intimate: Lending leader talks about successful mentoring

Mentoring should not just be about lending, she says

Diverse and intimate: Lending leader talks about successful mentoring


By Mina Martin

A good mentoring program is vital for developing new-to-industry mortgage brokers; and for Tanya Sale, chief executive of Outsource Financial, a successful mentoring program should be diverse and intimate.

“The mentoring package or program should be a diverse one: there should be a mixture in there,” Sale said. “What we see – and that has been very successful for us – would be having small groups of new entrants and they're facilitated by a qualified member. When I say qualified, a very experienced member. You have small groups so that it's a bit more intimate. The second thing is we have online modules because we all get busy. We have online modules that cover a variety of components.”

Sale also believes that mortgage brokers should not only be mentored on lending.

“Now, one thing that we believe on the mentoring side is it's just not about lending,” Sale said. “And if anyone tells you that the mentoring program or programs out there should just be about lending, they should have a really good life long hard think about their programs.”

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