Finsure joins forces with Odin Asset Finance to expand broker services

New opportunities for commission sharing are in store

Finsure joins forces with Odin Asset Finance to expand broker services



Finsure Group has formed a strategic partnership with Odin Asset Finance in a bid to diversify the loan options available to Finsure's broker network, with a particular emphasis on supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This collaboration will allow brokers who might not have experience in motor vehicle loans or equipment finance to refer these deals to Odin. In return, they will receive a share of the commission. This move is expected to broaden the range of loan solutions available to brokers and enable them to tap into the growing asset finance sector.

Finsure CEO Simon Bednar (pictured above) said that this partnership is particularly beneficial for brokers looking to diversify their income beyond home loans. He also pointed out that the growth in financing for electric vehicles (EVs), other transport assets, and computer technology presents new opportunities for brokers.

“Odin has a highly experienced team with access to more than 50 lenders, including many that brokers may have been unable to get an accreditation with. It broadens the range of loan solutions available to many individual brokers,” Bednar said. “This is a partnership that is tailor made for those brokers who are looking to gain access to a wider range of business lending products and better support their SME clients.”

Another potential area of growth for brokers is in cybersecurity, Bednar noted, as more and more businesses are looking for computer upgrades to combat the increasing threat from online scams.

Odin Asset Finance is currently offering a wide range of flexible lending options through various lenders. With this partnership, Odin Asset Finance director Mauro Vancuylenberg said Finsure and Odin are expected to provide improved speed, efficiency, and results for both brokers and end users.

“Having seen such turbulence and instability in consumer and business confidence, it is with great pride that Odin continues to provide solutions to the broker market,” Vancuylenberg said.

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