Four reasons mortgage brokers are important

Technical know-how and industry connections are key

Four reasons mortgage brokers are important


By Jonathan Russell

Finding the right home loan to suit your specific needs can be a complex and arduous process. This is where a mortgage broker comes in. Not only do mortgage brokers have the technical know-how to help you navigate endless lenders and rate—they also have connections in the industry. Here are four essential reasons why mortgage brokers are so important in helping you find your new home.

Mortgage brokers can help you find a perfect loan for your needs

Because they are licensed professionals acting as intermediaries between lenders and borrowers, mortgage brokers are perfectly positioned to help you find a perfect loan for your needs. If you work as an employee, for instance, and are struggling with your credit score because your previous loans were too challenging or expensive to keep up with, a good mortgage broker will work his or her best to get you a mortgage that is tailored to your specific situation. Banks, on the other hand, are likely to offer you pre-packaged solutions.

Mortgage brokers can not only find you a perfect loan for your needs—they can do it in mere minutes. When you are attempting to balance your life, as well as learn the ins and outs of the mortgage application process, mortgage brokers are able to take care of every detail so that you do not feel overwhelmed, and you are well aware of the next steps. To better understand what you are looking for and to help you navigate the complex process, reaching out to a mortgage broker would be your best first step.

Mortgage brokers can help you find a perfect rate

While agents help submit documents and qualify applicants, mortgage brokers work tirelessly to find the best possible rate for you. Mortgage brokers can help you find a perfect rate because they are constantly working with multiple lenders who offer the best rates to the brokers specifically. That means that, since a mortgage broker has access to specific rates, you as a client will be privy to more options than any single lender could provide. For first-time home buyers specifically, mortgage brokers are often critical in simplifying the process.

Mortgage brokers can save you time in researching, applying, and communicating with lenders

Brokers can help you save time for one very simple reason: you are a mortgage broker’s top priority in finding a mortgage that best suits your specific needs and budget. This is the case regardless of whether you have had credit challenges in your past or if you are an occasional education employee. This is a different situation than, say, a bank’s mortgage specialist, who only has the choice of selling you one of the bank’s mortgages.

Because a mortgage broker works with multiple lenders at the same time—many of whom offer rates that are only accessible through a mortgage broker—you will have any number of mortgage options to choose from and they also negotiate on your behalf. The lenders are not limited, either; mortgage brokers are not tied to any single lender.

Utilizing a mortgage broker can allow you to focus on your other life commitments. To save you time—and stress—mortgage brokers take on pretty much all the responsibility of securing the best mortgage for your personal needs. They have also mastered mortgage terminology so that you do not have to. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend your time comparing mortgage rates, fees, or terms or negotiating the best deals.

Mortgage brokers can help increase your chances of home loan approval

Mortgage brokers have the experience and the knowledge to find the right home loan for you and ensure it gets approved by different lenders. To give you the best chance of approval, they can also help you prepare your mortgage application. Since the benefits are so many, there is little reason to avoid using a mortgage broker. Plus, their services are basically free, since they get paid mainly through commission.

Having a mortgage broker will also help you avoid choosing a deceptively expensive home loan or a home loan unsuitable for you, because they have connections and industry knowledge that up your chances of finding a competitive deal.

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