Get chatty: broker talks about how to market the business

Market yourself everywhere, top broker says

Get chatty: broker talks about how to market the business


By Mina Martin

Mortgage brokers are always looking to attract new business, and one effective way to do it is through word of mouth. How to do it? An award-winning broker says, “get chatty.”

Louisa Sanghera, principal broker at Zippy Financial and Westpac Australian Broker of the Year at the Australian Mortgage Awards 2021, advised brokers, especially the new ones, to “just get the word out there and tell everybody you possibly can that you are mortgage broker, very discreetly, in every conversation.”

“I still drop it at every opportunity,” Sanghera said. “If I get an Uber into the city to go and do something, I start telling the Uber driver about being a mortgage broker. I just say ‘I got four hours sleep last night and my mortgage broker it's so busy,’ and you get chatty.”

Sanghera also doesn’t leave her home unarmed – she always brings her business cards with her.

“Every time I get that taxi, I drop my business card,” Sanghera said. “I always take business cards everywhere. We go to a barbecue somewhere, the business cards always go with you. You know, school playground, take the business cards. So, market yourself as much as you possibly can.”

Sanghera revealed she also spends a lot of time sharing content on Facebook and LinkedIn, trying to “get seen as much as possible” such as in online talks, and forks out money on SEO.

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