Hot Seat: Tian Liu

uno Home Loans adviser Tian Liu explains how a chance encounter put him on the path to his dream career

Hot Seat: Tian Liu


By Melanie Mingas

uno Home Loans adviser Tian Liu explains how a chance encounter put him on the path to his dream career

Q: Who or what inspired you to become a broker?

A: My first job was as a casual sales assistant at Dick Smith Powerhouse while I was studying engineering at university. One of my regular customers said he had been very happy with my services and thought I would be good at mortgage broking. He was establishing a new mortgage broking company and approached me to join. I had always had a passion for finance, so I took the offer without any hesitation. I bought my first home not long after that and I remember thinking to myself, “What a feeling!” I have been in this industry now for 12 years and I know I am in the right job. I have the ability to help people get that same amazing feeling of owning their own place, and I have done this many times in my career to date.

Q: What’s the greatest challenge for brokers at this time?

A: There are so many changes happening in our industry, from a risk and compliance perspective to a tightening of lender policies, changing processes and the royal commission. A broker must be on their toes and extremely thorough in everything they do. Creating strong relationships with colleagues, lender BDMs and your customers is key to surviving in this market.

Q: If you won $1m, what would you do with it?

A: I would split it three ways. Firstly, I would set my parents up so they could really enjoy their retirement. They have worked very hard all their lives, and to see them enjoy their later years would give me peace of mind. Secondly, I would like to repay my mortgage, and thirdly, I would start a business with my partner using both of our strengths in IT and finance to pave the way to a successful future, discovering how we can best serve the community by combining what we love to do.

Q: What are your top survival tips for working in finance?

A: I have three top tips for working in finance: don’t ever stop learning, as lending is an ever-evolving industry; build a strong network of contacts across a broad range of industries; and maintain lifelong relationships with your customers.

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