Lending Hub Co celebrates grand opening

LMG backs rising stars with visit from CEO

Lending Hub Co celebrates grand opening


By Ryan Johnson

Lending Hub Co, a young and dynamic mortgage brokerage firm, recently celebrated the grand opening of their brand new office.

The event, which saw over 60 guests in attendance, was a testament to the company's impressive growth and the strong support they received from their aggregator, Loan Market Group (LMG).

While the crowd were wowed by their chic twist on a modern brokerage, the highlight for owners Kim Bui and Pearl Tran was undoubtedly the presence of Sam White, executive chairperson of LMG.

"It was amazing to have him there – he's the leader of one of the biggest aggregators in the country," said Bui, co-founder of Lending Hub Co. “We even managed to get him to officially cut the ribbon.”

The guest list itself reflected the collaborative spirit behind Lending Hub Co's success. Alongside key clients and referral partners, representatives from major banks and other lenders were present, demonstrating the strong relationships the company has fostered within the industry.

“Everyone that came has supported us from day one. From the days when we left the bank and built our own business, these are the people who believed in us, supported us, and continue to do so to this day,” said Tran.

From bedroom broker to city chic

The new office space is a far cry from Lending Hub Co's humble beginnings. "Kim and I both worked from our home offices for years," Tran said.

“We ended up building a little hub at Kim House in her bedroom to be more central.”

The pair kept it professional working from home, conducting client meetings over Zoom and meeting clients face-to-face at local places.

Despite the limitations, their dedication and extensive banking experience propelled them forward.

Bui even received the prestigious Adelaide Bank Young Gun of the Year Award at the 2023 Australian Mortgage Awards.

“But we knew we had a brighter future and needed a place to call our own,” said Bui.

The new office reflects this vision perfectly. Designed with a focus on open space and greenery, the space fosters a dynamic and professional environment.

“We have two contractor brokers working with us and we want them to feel happy and relaxed coming to work,” Tran said. “I want people to want to come to work wanting to be here.”


How to pick your brokerage’s location

Of course, there was a lot that happened between the days of bedroom team meetings and grand opening day.

Thankfully, Tran said their aggregator held their hands “every step of the way”.

“When we told them that we wanted to open a new office, they got the team to help us with all the content on how to build a successful business,” Tran said.

Even when they shared the location, the pair said LMG took that information in and customised the approach.

Situated in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Alexandria, Lending Hub Co's new office is strategically located in a vibrant area bustling with young professionals, sophisticated investors, and high-income earners.

“We wanted that mixture of industrial style and greenery; city living without the overcrowding and with a space to park your car,” said Bui. “We wanted to be in the culture and the environment our clients live.”

With the “world famous, most Instagram-able” café across the road – The Grounds – Tran said Lending Hub Co had found the perfect place. 

“What a place for a client brunch meeting,” Tran quipped. “These cafes and businesses are successful because they capture the personality of the area and add to it. That’s what we want with Lending Hub Co.”

Overcoming the challenges of modern brokerage

However, being in a sought-after locality has its drawbacks.

In the area, which includes inner-city hubs like Newtown and Erskineville through to Mascot, which is near the airport, competition is high.

“Every square metre there are four brokers with many of them highly successful,” said Tran.

Needing help standing out, the pair turned to LMG for help.

“Given we are a young business, we needed that support from Loan Market to help us figure out what to focus on,” said Bui.

“We got so much support from LMG at this stage – we honestly can’t thank them enough.”

After establishing the target audience and analysing the area, LMG gave some pointers for building their online presence.

“Now, if you Google Lending Hub Co we are currently second in the local area in terms of 5-star reviews.”


When a customer walks into your office, what do they say?

After scoping out the place with LMG, Lending Hub Co. bought the office, ripping it all up and starting anew.

“Before we started, we got feedback from our partners and clients and we tried to incorporate that in the design. This is certainly the new way of building a modern brokerage.

When doing the renos, Tran said she had one thought on her mind: “When a customer walks into your office, what’s the first thing they say? What are they thinking about in terms of how you operate and what does that say about your business?

“That’s what drives your business presence both physically and online.”

Needless to say, Tran and Bui’s interior design skills worked wonders.

“It warms our hearts to hear the lovely comments from our clients – many have been blown away,” Bui said.

“They say it’s really trendy. Really modern and new. It goes to show that a brokerage doesn’t have to be boring.”

Lending Hub Co's success story is a testament to the power of hard work, a client-centric approach, and strong industry partnerships.

With their impressive new office space and unwavering dedication, the company is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the years to come.

“From day one LMG have been there for us. When we were just sitting at home in our bedrooms writing loans, they believed that one day we would build a bigger business and here we are today.”

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