Moula on its 10th year and beyond

"Business financing shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming," sales head says

Moula on its 10th year and beyond


By Mina Martin

Moula has been empowering Australian businesses to thrive and grow for 10 years now, by providing hardworking business owners access to capital since its inception in 2013. With a decade of success now under its belt, just how does Moula see itself in the future?

“Over the years, we have grown to serve a broad segment of the market, empowering SMEs to seize growth opportunities, expand operations, and navigate challenging economic landscapes,” said Sam Sfeir, head of sales.

Drivers of Moula’s success

Contributing to the SME lender’s success is its use of banking and accounting data APIs for underwriting to supercharge the loan approval process, allowing loans to be approved the same day in some instances, or within 24 hours.

Sfeir said Moula’s Intelligent Decisioning Engine, HECTOR, enables the company to support brokers and their customers and adapt to the market quickly. It utilises cloud accounting, banking data, and machine learning, to expedite decision-making, providing faster outcomes for brokers and their clients.

Another driver of Moula’s success is its extensive network of partners across the finance and technology ecosystems.

“We are proud members of the lending panels of various aggregators and actively participate in industry and broker events and PD days to maintain strong broker relationships and advocate for industry regulation,” Sfeir said.

Moula also has an experienced and dedicated team of BDMs that actively engages in the marketplace, positioning the lender as a go-to resource for brokers. The non-bank also enables brokers to diversify into commercial finance by providing them with a suite of educational materials and tools.

Focus for the future

As a fintech leader, the company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, enabling even faster, more seamless financial solutions for SMEs, Sfeir said.

“Innovation drives us across all focus areas. We push the boundaries of technology to deliver groundbreaking products and services, catering to the evolving needs of our customers and partners,” the Moula sales head said.

Sfeir also emphasised that, as a company that has established itself as a robust and credible alternative to traditional mainstream banking, Moula believes “business financing shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming.”

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