NAB to help communities rebuild after natural disasters

Some 39 community groups will receive up to $10,000 in grants

NAB to help communities rebuild after natural disasters


By Mina Martin

The NAB Foundation has announced that it will provide up to $10,000 apiece to 39 local and regional community groups across Australia to help them prepare for, or recover from, natural disasters.

The first 2022 round of the NAB Foundation’s $1.2 million Community Grants program, part of NAB Ready Together initiative, will fund projects such as emergency response equipment, wildlife rescue support, mental health and wellbeing programs, urban permaculture, reforestation, and carbon footprint reduction.

Rachel Slade, NAB group executive personal banking, said the projects would help businesses and communities prepare and recover from natural disasters.

“We have seen again this year the devastation caused by natural disasters. Many communities in QLD and NSW are continuing to feel the impact of the recent floods, and areas in WA are still recovering from bushfires,” Slade said. “There is a growing need for ongoing support to help communities rebuild and prepare for the challenges ahead. Recovery extends well beyond the cleanup, and many of these projects focus on the long-term needs of the community including supporting mental health and building environmental resilience. We have seen great progress from our 2021 Community Grant recipients and will continue to support many more local groups as they work to build safer communities.”

Of the 39 grant recipients, four were chosen through a poll of NAB colleagues to receive an additional $25,000 each to scale their projects for long-term social or environmental impact. The chosen recipients were:

  • Autism STEP Australia (NSW) to fund training that will help to educate the local community on how to better communicate with autistic youth and adults when preparing for a natural disaster
  • Southern Koala and Echidna Rescue (SA) to fund a 1,000-litre trailer for firefighting and supplementary watering of koala food tree plantations
  • Carbon8 Fund (NSW) to fund a field day for Central Coast farmers to improve farm resilience and reduce their carbon footprint through the entire supply chain
  • BlazeAid (WA) to rebuild kilometres of damaged fences in communities impacted by the February 2022 fires in WA, enabling farmers to contain their stock and/or restock their land after a fire

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