No Regrets campaign pushes broker benefit

The campaign will encourage property buyers to speak with a mortgage broker

No Regrets campaign pushes broker benefit


By Rebecca Pike

A new campaign titled ‘No Regrets’ will encourage Australian home and property buyers to speak with a mortgage broker, showcasing different ways brokers can help them.

Kicking off in February, the core message behind the #NoRegrets theme is “there are a lot of regrettable decisions in life, taking out loan and mortgage protection with your broker won’t be one of them”.

You can watch it below.

Launched by ALI Group, the digital campaign will target sites like Facebook, and rate comparison sites to reach prospective buyers. It will have a particular focus on first home buyers.

Expected to be displayed more than 5 million times to buyers, it will promote mortgage brokers and their ability to protect clients as part of the loan process.

ALI began promoting mortgage brokers and loan protection to consumers on TV back in 2017.

This was followed up with a national radio campaign in 2018 which focused on how a broker can prepare a client for the unexpected.

ALI Group, CEO, Huy Truong said, “We felt it was important for ALI to communicate to consumers about the great service brokers provide, including protecting them.

“With the record broker market share of 59.1% reflecting more and more Australians looking to brokers as the key pathway to obtain finance, expertise, market knowledge and education, we wanted to launch a positive and engaging campaign early in the year given the Royal Commission backdrop.

“Our message of ‘Loan Protection – it’s how your mortgage broker prepares you for the unexpected’ will be delivered in a more humorous style throughout these digital mediums. Importantly, the call to action is to ask an ALI authorised broker for more details.”

The campaign will use humour and fictional characters ‘Jane and Tony’ to demonstrate the concept of #NoRegrets.

ALI Group will also provide authorised brokers with customer facing tools to leverage the campaign that further increase awareness and education.


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