Critical broker role in ad campaign

by Rebecca Pike06 Sep 2018

A loan protection specialist has invested in a national radio campaign to highlight the critical role brokers have in preparing their customers for the unexpected.

ALI Group is heading up the campaign, which will target 25 to 45-year-old first home buyers, owner occupiers and families.

The ads began yesterday (5 September 2018) and will run throughout spring.

Following on from the recent MFAA campaign, Your Broker Behind You, ALI will “hero the mortgage broker” in a manner not readily known to home and property buyers.

In an interview with Australian Broker last month, ALI CEO Huy Truong highlighted how important it was for brokers to have discussions with their clients about what they would do if something forced them into the situation where they could not meet mortgage repayments.

Borrowers can be covered for a range of situations, including accident, injury, job loss or death.

Truong said the campaign is about increasing awareness of loan service risks over a 30-year period and that a broker can help with these risks as part of the loan process.


He said, “ALI’s research with Core Data surveying over 1,200 consumers, highlighted that 96% of homebuyers expected their mortgage broker to educate them on risks to loan service and to put in place a solution if the client has no plan B.

“This campaign is all about making homebuyers aware that their mortgage broker can meet this expectation.

“The fact that ALI has paid out over $80m for serious and terminal illnesses, death and involuntary unemployment reinforce that these risks are real, and the brokers involved were pivotal to their clients having financial protection in place.”

The radio content and messaging will highlight the importance of thinking about the unthinkable, sharing scenarios based on actual mortgage holders who have been impacted by real live events and how their broker helped prepare them for it.

The ad campaign will run in mostly regional areas, including Albury (NSW), Ballarat (VIC), Bunbury (WA) and Townsville (QLD), as well as Adelaide and Brisbane.

You can listen to the radio campaigns here