PLAN Australia launches 'Growth Playbook'

New service identifies growth opportunities within broker businesses and offers ways to improve performance

PLAN Australia launches 'Growth Playbook'


By Madison Utley

An aggregation group has launched a tool crafted for brokers who are looking for a structured approach to growing their business. 

The Growth Playbook from PLAN Australia is able to run through inputted data to identify where brokers' businesses can be further developed and provide users tangible, implementable suggestions as to how they can improve their performance.

According to PLAN Australia CEO Anja Pannek, the Growth Playbook has been designed to help brokers succeed “in a sustainable way”.

As such, the new tool was built around the acknowledgement that every broking business is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses.

“The Growth Playbook effectively takes an inventory of each business and identifies which areas brokers need to focus on with their Partnership Manager,” Pannek explained.

After a user enters key metrics into the service including loan volumes, staff numbers and conversion rates, they instantly receive a result which is benchmarked against other businesses in the PLAN Australia network.

The results come in the form of four separate scores: You and Your Business, Business Growth, Processes, and Team. These figures are accompanied by a case study that suggests business strategies which have already been proven successful as they've lifted the performance across other broker businesses.

“Providing brokers with the services and support they need to grow their business will ultimately drive significant benefits to customers,” said Pannek.

“We are committed to building a vibrant, competitive and customer-focused industry so that more Australians can achieve their dreams in partnership with an experienced mortgage broker.”

The Growth Playbook will initially be made available only to PLAN Australia brokers, but the group hopes to eventually expand the offering to all mortgage brokers down the line.

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