Entirety of Australia now brokers' marketplace

by Madison Utley30 Jun 2020

During its annual professional development day held earlier this month, PLAN Australia explored how the recent adoption of new technologies and formation of digital habits have strengthened brokers’ business models, leading to an even more robust offering for consumers.

The digital event, attended by a record 850 brokers, was broadcasted live from Melbourne and featured a broker panel which delved into the “big issues” facing the industry today.

“Brokers are now adapting to a new operating environment and are rapidly adopting videoconferencing technology and automated systems that have only strengthened the relationships they have with their clients,” said PLAN CEO Anja Pannek, setting the scene for the panel discussion.

Elizabeth Zaki from Sydney-based brokerage OneSite Finance and Buyers Choice CEO Brett Mansfield both joined in the conversation regarding key learnings from the COVID lockdown, including how to build trust with clients using digital channels.

“I never thought I could close a deal by not seeing a client face-to-face,” Zaki said.

“But, obviously during the COVID-19 lockdown, I had no choice but to see my clients via videoconferencing. I have learnt so many new skills in terms of presenting and closing deals online.

“Videoconferencing is definitely something I will continue to offer to my clients.”

Mansfield echoed a similar sentiment, explaining that the widespread shift to digital channels has led his company to make transformative changes he expects will benefit both staff and clients.

“The capacity to build trust in an online space has completely changed the game. Instead of having to think local we can really look at the whole of Australia as our marketplace,” he explained .

Further, Mansfield reported an increase in productivity since his staff had shifted to working from home and is currently taking steps to carry that flexibility into the future.

Additionally, PLAN Australia shared that the migration to technology platforms has extended to broker support as well, with the majority (86%) of its network communicating they felt digital interactions with their BDMs had been sufficient to support them and their business over the last three months.