Uptick announces senior appointments

The company also reveals its automated lead nurture system

Uptick announces senior appointments


By Mina Martin

Uptick Marketing has announced the appointment of four new senior roles as well as the launch of its automated lead nurture system.

The news comes as the mortgage lead generation company celebrates its continued growth, having hit its sales targets 12 months earlier than forecast.  

Joining Uptick were Rashi Sethi (pictured above left) as business development manager for NSW and ACT, Ian Chow (pictured above second from the left) as BDM for QLD, and Luke Sugden (pictured above second from the right) as BDM for WA to work with mortgage brokers in their respective states and across Australia to help scale their businesses. Jen Feria (pictured above right), meanwhile, was appointed operations manager, to drive performance, productivity, and efficiency across the company and the broker campaigns.

“Rashi, Ian, Luke, and Jen will be an integral part of our team going forward,” said Oscar Zhuo, Uptick marketing director. “Each of them have impressive backgrounds. I am confident their combined wealth of experience will greatly contribute to Uptick Marketing’s continued success and expansion on the national stage.”

In a statement, Uptick said its growth plans were fuelled by the strong broker demand for a lead generation company that not only delivers quality leads, but teaches brokers how to shorten their sales cycle and get better results from each lead.

“We’re proudly the only lead generation company in the market that is run by brokers for brokers,” said John Maxwell, Uptick marketing director. “This is key to how we help brokers close more deals – our broker partners are averaging 70% contact rate and 20% conversion rates for their campaigns.

“Any good broker knows the customer conversation should never just be about rates. There’s a lot of complexity in being able to communicate effectively with a prospective customer, assessing a scenario, following up, and even collecting documentation.”

Helping brokers build trust quicker

At Uptick, broker partners not only have access to the company’s tele-sales team, but also to its automated end-to-end lead nurturing system.

The process and automation Uptick Marketing has built involves a staggered approach across multiple touch points, all designed to build the broker’s credibility and give the prospective customer the confidence to choose the mortgage broker.

This automation means brokers can connect to the prospective customer quicker and in a less intrusive manner, so the customer feels they’re in control.

“Selling has changed. What’s been interesting is training top brokers on the new customer journey process,” Maxwell said. “Customers expect to be nurtured in a particular way – simply picking up the phone to chase a prospective customer on their home loan does not cut it in the digital era.”

“It’s also encouraging that a large percentage of customers have booked in via automation, without the broker having to intervene,” Zhuo said. “We have seen customers book in for an appointment as late as midnight thanks to this automation.

“We are really proud of the work we are doing with our broker partners and the innovations we have built to make the broker’s life easier. With our expanded capabilities we are geared up to work with more brokers who are looking to scale their businesses this year.”

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