Chifley Securities news

  • Private lender space facing consolidation by AB

    CEO says trend is putting developers and landowners at a disadvantage

  • Lender's share of broker-originated loans declines by AB

    The company expects to see strong demand for non-bank solutions as the major banks tighten their lending criteria

  • Risks mounting for construction finance by Miklos Bolza

    Dual increases in construction costs and land prices will put the profitability of future developments at risk, warns one veteran broker

  • Non-bank drops commercial interest rates by Miklos Bolza

    The finance group has dramatically decreased its rates as tighter lending restrictions push more clients into the non-bank sector

  • Non-bank reports over $1bn in broker-originated loans by Miklos Bolza

    The finance group has seen a surge in investment lending after tighter restrictions have fallen on the majors and non-majors

  • AB issue 13.20 by

    Jaci Smith My Local Broker is a new player in the mortgage aggregation space, but chief executive Jaci Smith believes an industry shake-up is long overdue. With the aggregator’s purpose-built Chief CRM software, and plans to expand the My Local brand, it might just be time for brokers to sit up and pay attention to the new kid on the block