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  • SMEs are confident about 2021, says study by Mike Wood

    Majority of small businesses expect they'll have recovered lost growth by the end of the year

  • Solutions for struggling SMEs by Antony Field

    Australia's small business ombudsman is calling for a federal government-backed loan scheme to help SMEs survive the next 12 months as JobKeeper and rent relief come to an end

  • Looking back at 2020 by Antony Field

    It has been an incredibly tough 12 months for brokers affected by a pandemic, natural disasters and ongoing regulation. Australian Broker spoke to industry leaders to get their thoughts on 2020 and what lies ahead

  • 2020: A year in three parts by Madison Utley

    Lender exec breaks down where economy was pre-Covid, how it weathered the pandemic, and what to expect moving forward

  • Australian SMEs are going to pull through by Madison Utley

    Widespread 'scare-mongering' around end of stimulus ignores the data, says business lender exec

  • Prospa shares FY20 results by Madison Utley

    Figures illustrate events of past year and allow group to forecast where the need will be moving forward