La Trobe Financial

Since 1952, La Trobe Financial has been helping Australians realise their dreams and achieve financial independence with its credit specialist expertise, covering $27 billion and 205,000 customers.

With more than $12 billion in assets under management, La Trobe Financial is the longest standing of any current operating non-bank in Australia. For close to 7 decades La Trobe Financial has serviced clients whose financial requirements are not adequately met by the traditional banking sector. We have utilised both conventional lending channels and pursued a bespoke combination of sources and structures reflecting our core values of reliability and durability for all of our commercial partners and for our business.


We also offer one of the broadest non-bank loan product ranges in the market offering a finance solution for every lifecycle.


We are also recognised for our innovative finance solutions having pioneered a number of products over the years including Lite-Doc®, P2C, Aged Care Loans and many more over the years. Our expertise in delivering specialised products to residential and small commercial borrowers is a “solutions delivery” model standing the test of time. A full customised, bespoke solution for each borrower. 


Our diversified funding strategy has achieved product stability unsurpassed in the specialist sectors performing across every economic cycle, including maintaining lending throughout including the GFC and today COVID-19.

Company Name: 

La Trobe Financial


Head Office Address: 
Level 25, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne


Telephone No.: 

13 80 10


[email protected]