In the hot seat: Jayden Brown

by Antony Field03 Nov 2021

Jayden Brown is excited about having set up his own Sydney brokerage, Harrow and Co. He brings the same drive and determination to his career that enabled him to play golf in the US on a university scholarship.

Q: You moved to New York in 2017 to be a student athlete. What was that experience like?
It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to play golf on scholarship at Long Island University,  New York, in 2017. I’ll never be able to replace the memories, friendships and experiences I had. Every second weekend, I travelled around America to compete in golf competitions. I also studied finance, management and marketing as a triple major. I learned the principles of money and how to make people wealthy. Captaining a Division 1 golf team and competing at such a high level provided me with skills that I will now apply to my business, such as hard work, motivation, dedication and drive.

Q: What motivated you to become a broker, and how have you adapted?
The main reason I wanted to become a broker is to help people build wealth. I want individuals to learn that debt is a tool and should be utilised as a vehicle to build equity. I aim to change people’s perceptions of debt from negative to positive by demonstrating how properly managing debt can help them develop wealth. I also feel that being a broker is a critical profession since you are assisting individuals in maximising their hard-earned funds in order to improve their financial position. My fi nance experience has helped me adapt fast as a broker, but this is not a numbers game for me – I truly care about assisting people and making sure they come first.

Q: How do you plan to stand out in a competitive market?
I want to set myself apart by doing things that other brokers aren’t. Is your broker calling you every three to six months to see if the equity on your transaction has increased? Do they provide you with possibilities for accumulating wealth? Do they even let you know you’re in a better position today than you were before? This is where Harrow & Co comes in. We have specialists that can add value. Rather than letting your money sit and waste away, we provide you with the chance to grow wealth. These options and avenues we use have been incorporated from brokerages in New York, the finance capital of the world.

Q: What are your goals for the brokerage?
My mission is to educate people. The majority of my clients just want to know how much money they can borrow. I ask myself, ‘How can  someone spend their whole life savings on a purchase with no goal or strategy?’ When people are educated, they can make informed judgments, which increases their chances of being wealthy. Overall, I want people to view debt as a tool for accumulating wealth. We have the necessary structure and people in place at Harrow & Co to make this possible.