Anonymous broker takes centre stage

by Madison Utley01 Jul 2020

In a bid to facilitate more open dialogue within the industry, an aggregator has announced the launch of a new blog which will be penned by an anonymous broker.

The author of Choice Aggregation Services’ monthly ‘insider’ newsletter will be known simply as Broker X.

According to CEO Stephen Moore, the concept was designed to fuel honest and transparent conversations among the broader broker network; as such, any industry participant can suscribe rather than the resource being made exclusively available to Choice brokers.

“We have launched Broker X to create an engaged online community where brokers can debate the very real issues facing them, their customers and their businesses, without any judgment,” Moore explained.

“We feel the anonymous nature of Broker X will allow brokers to open up and be more candid about topics they might otherwise be reluctant to bring up with peers, colleagues, or other industry connections.”

The subscription-based newsletter will address real-time issues brokers are up against with Broker X, one of Choice’s “most experienced and well-connected brokers”, able to contribute his or her informed perspective.

“The additional layer of complexity brought on by the current environment is understandably weighing on brokers’ minds. Opening up and sharing concerns is a powerful way of identifying positive and constructive solutions for the road ahead,” said Moore.  

The CEO is the only person, even within the Choice organisation, who knows Broker X’s identity – anonymity which is “essential to Broker X’s purpose and appeal”.

“Broker X is a pretty bold character who is not afraid to tackle issues that are divisive or controversial,” Moore said.

“But they also know how to keep a secret when it matters!

“It will certainly be interesting to see responses to this.”