Association launches free calculators

by Adam Smith10 Dec 2014
An industry association has launched free calculators for exclusive use by its members.

The FBAA has announced the launch of more than 20 new calculators including comparison loans, stamp duty, leasing, graphical representations of the borrowing structures, interest only and principal and interest loans and several others. The tools can be accessed through the members section of the association's website. CEO Peter White said the calculators are free for members.

“It’s a service we want to provide at no charge to members, and all calculators are easy to access on our site,” White said.

White said members also have the option to embed them on their own websites.

“If members want to take this option there is a charge from our supplier, however it also includes a lead generation tool that enables information to be collected each time a consumer uses a calculator," White said.


  • by Stephen Hale MFAA 10/12/2014 9:30:08 AM

    The MFAA are pleased that the FBAA has finally made these links to calculators available to their members as the MFAA have had these same free links from the same provider free for many years now. We do caution though that these links take the customer off the broker site to the association site which is not ideal as you can lose the customer in the process. The best alternative is to have calculators loaded into your site to keep them active. Should any FBAA member feel the price offered by the provider is prohibitive which is generally $400 - $900 pa then we can offer our same set for $200 pa. We are happy to assist brokers in the industry on

  • by Macarthur Broker 10/12/2014 11:09:47 AM

    Poor form Stephen. I am an MFAA member and agree with your comments but dont think its a good look to hijack someone elses press release.

  • by Peter White - CEO FBAA 10/12/2014 11:13:30 AM

    @Stephen Hale - an extremely unprofessional way of going about things. MFAA and also your comments are again this year uninformed as to what is available to our members and the full extent of the service that is provided as you are not a part of our negotiations. If you are struggling to maintain members I suggest you go about things differently, and our members will decide what is best for them not you.