Aussie casts out net for passionate brokers

by Miklos Bolza23 Jan 2017
Mortgage franchise Aussie Home Loans is in the midst of a concerted recruitment effort to find the best in the Australian broking community.
This focus is due to increased customer demand for Aussie’s services as well as the successful relaunch of the firm’s brand advertising, Lynda Harris, general manager of people and culture, told Australian Broker.
“Quality over quantity is always the aim,” she said. “Our recruitment model seeks to recruit brokers across a broad range of experience and a variety of backgrounds.”
Aussie places as much of an emphasis on screening candidates for passion, commitment, problem solving skills and a willingness to take care of people as it does on how much experience the candidate has, Harris said.
“Essentially, we are looking for high calibre, dynamic and motivated business professionals so we can continue to cultivate greater broker and store productivity.”
A history of self-employment is a favourable quality, she added, as this demonstrates an ability to manage a business while being self-motivated, productive and organised.
“A qualification is also a good indicator of future success – whether it is TAFE or university – as it reveals an ability to manage time, achieve a goal and be tenacious.”
Achieving the Aussie dream
The recruitment process begins with an information night, Harris said. Here, interested applicants are led through the different career options at Aussie prior to filling out an application form or attending an interview.
“Once new recruits are on-board we have a structured learning pathway for both brokers and franchisees to gain and develop their professional skills and enhance the effectiveness of their business practices,” she told Australian Broker.
“This enables our new brokers to quickly understand the level of customer service they need to deliver to be consistent with the Aussie brand promise.”
This structured pathway commences with a three-week training course which is then followed by a free two-year fully-accredited mentoring program.
“The program is flexible to cater for our geographically dispersed brokers and includes a mix of face-to-face, online, in the field and group workshops and learning,” Harris said.
Aussie currently has almost 50 sales leaders, marketing, learning & development, and recruitment experts who mentor its brokers in varying areas of expertise. Franchisees are also put through training to develop their skills, allowing them to mentor and support the loan writers within their stores.
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