Broker marketing platform ActivePipe hits milestone

by Mike Wood02 Mar 2021

ActivePipe, one of Australia’s fastest growing broker marketing fintechs, has celebrated reaching 1,100 brokers on their platform.

It represents a significant growth for a company that has only existed within the mortgage broker space for just three years, having transferred over from real estate.

The service, which is a bespoke email marketing platform built for the world of real estate and mortgage broking, is designed to keep brokers in touch with clients over time and ensure that they retain business.

Despite the growth of social media, email marketing is still seen as a vital way of communicating with customer base in a professional manner. When talking to customers over email, the key factors are tracking interactions via click-through-rates and presenting customers with content that they feel is relevant to them rather than generic send outs.

ActivePipe recently carried out a series of market research and data analysis to show to the broking community the exact amount of contact that they need to have with their clients, especially their trail book clients, in order to keep messages as timely and relevant as possible.

“It helps our business automate our customer journey,” said David Yu, COO of RateOne and a ActivePipe client. “Keeping contact with all of our customers is important to our business, as it is with any brokerage, and ActivePipe achieves the right balance between customisability and automation.”

The ActivePipe platform allows brokers to use boilerplated content to send to their clients in order to keep their brand top of mind when considering mortgage broker questions, as well as more authentic, bespoke content.

“Its ease of use is the most useful feature, for sure. Then there’s the short, easily digestible content that you can send out to customers to keep them engaged, as well as the strong Call to Action features that are present in their platform which help so much to keep clients engaged.”