Brokerage forms insurance partnership

by Miklos Bolza19 Sep 2017
Loan protection specialist ALI Group has teamed up with the Raine and Horne-owned Our Broker Financial Services.

The deal will allow brokers to holistically meet the needs of their clients through this added insurance coverage.

Dawn Inali, general manager of Our Broker, said she was excited to partner with ALI Group as well as the many benefits this agreement would bring.

“With a strong record and reputation in the marketplace for protecting Australian home and property buyers, we know we are providing our clients with an excellent packaged solution by partnering with ALI Group.

“Furthermore, a loan protection plan is affordable and this allows more of our clients to have the opportunity to protect themselves. This is important given many Australian borrowers wouldn’t be able to get by for more than three months if something was to suddenly happen to their income.”

Huy Truong, CEO of ALI Group, was also delighted to team up with Our Broker and the increasing number of brokers bringing loan protection to their clients. Currently, over 3,500 brokers nationwide are authorised to offer ALI Group’s products.

“More and more industry leaders and brokers are recognising the importance of loan protection, in particular giving their clients the opportunity to make an informed decision.

“We are thrilled that Our Broker has chosen to partner with us. We’ve seen firsthand how life changing having loan protection can be and cannot wait to help Our Broker brokers protect their clients.”

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