Brokers encouraged to check in on themselves

by Madison Utley11 Oct 2019

Following World Mental Health Day on 10 October, the head of an aggregator has spoken out about the importance of protecting and promoting the wellbeing of all industry participants.

According to Stephen Moore, CEO of Choice Aggregation Services, actively looking after the mental health of those within the industry is “everybody’s responsibility.”

“All the research points to the fundamental difference having a conversation with someone at the right time can have in their life. Whether you’re a broker, a lender or staff member, we’re all people. Let’s act it. Let’s look after each other.”

“Trust your gut instinct. Odds are if something doesn’t feel right, there typically is something wrong. Don’t overthink things. Do something about it. Ask questions, have a chat,” said Moore.

However, while brokers are being encouraged to look out for one another, Moore stressed doing that well only becomes possible through taking care of oneself.  

 “It starts with looking after yourself – physically and mentally,” he said.

“it’s important for brokers to keep the balance in their lives as much as possible. Check yourself, check where your head is at. Are you spending enough time with friends and family? If you’re not, make it happen.”

Moore encouraged brokers to stay in the present rather than worry over the past or overthink the future.

“Our advice is to think through possible future scenarios, understand how you may react if they happen, but then bring it back to the present and focus on what you can control.

“For most brokers, that means continuing to provide great service and support to customers. That’s the reason for business success today, and that’ll be the reason for business success in the future.

Further, Moore pointed out that the industry events of late that may be introducing stress into brokers’ lives actually carry significant benefits.

“It’s challenging to go through changes. It’s even more challenging for consumers. That provides opportunity,” he said.

“The more change and complexity that occurs in lending markets, the more that customers need brokers.

“What we have is the potential for what is now 60% of customers choosing to see a broker to become over 70% in the next period. That’s an exciting future.”