Campaign tackles first time investors

by Rebecca Pike23 May 2018

A new marketing campaign has been designed to arm brokers with the tools to work with novice property investors and existing customers.

Loan Market launched the campaign this month and comprises of a digital and offline marketing toolkit, which will give brokers the tools they need to engage in conversations, as well as bring education to homeowners who want to purchase their first investment property.

Loan Market’s chief marketing officer, Lisa Phillips said the campaign took out any of the guesswork for brokers wanting to connect with new and existing customers through digital and traditional channels.

She said, “Investing for the first time can be a complicated process. The integrated campaign was designed with the busy-broker in mind and provides brokers with a suite of tools to educate would-be investors and ultimately generate new client leads for their business.

“Whether it’s audience segmentation insights across existing databases, dedicated lead generating landing pages, social media tactics, or the referral partner toolkit, brokers have everything they need to execute this personalised campaign with minimal effort”.

Brokers have also been supplied with a range of assets to drive the campaign, such as ready-to-use e-newsletters, social content, web and email banners, along with print flyers and posters and comprehensive eBook 5 steps to a side hustle.

The content was created to educate would-be investors and connect them with their local Loan Market broker. Every broker website within the group has received a tailored landing page where the eBook serves as a lead magnet for new business generation.

The campaign launched across the Australian and New Zealand Loan Market networks.

Phillips added, “There is incredible power in delivering one cohesive marketing message across Australia and New Zealand. Unified communications are far more effective which is why we’ve focused on making this so easy for brokers.”

Loan Market’s ‘First Time Investor’ campaign follows the group’s successful January ‘Refinance’ campaign which reached over 10 million Australians in four weeks.

The campaign is part of their annual marketing program in which the franchise brokerage provides brokers with cross-channel marketing campaigns to target specific customer segments.