FBAA to represent brokers on SME advisory board

by Miklos Bolza23 Dec 2016
The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has announced that its executive director Peter White has been invited to join the advisory board of the Small Business Association of Australia (SBAA).
This, White says, will give Australia’s brokers a voice at the table representing the needs of small business.
“Most brokers are small businesses and now they finally have a vehicle in which their interests, concerns and ideas can be heard and acted upon,” White said.
The SBAA supports and advocates for SMEs by acting a voice to the government and relevant stakeholders and bring in better economic policy for business owners.
Through its position on the advisory board, the FBAA is able to help brokers gain access to wider support and communication for their business, White said.
“By joining the advisory board of the SBAA, the FBAA is representing brokers from both a credit and lending point of view and also now on all small business issues and perspectives.”
White attended his first advisory board meeting this month and said the appointment would yield a great many benefits for brokers.
“Being able to talk about our industry was extremely positive and I know brokers will be excited with the future outcomes that will flow from being able to communicate directly to this key small business peak body.”
The strategic alliance between the FBAA and SBAA was first announced at the FBAA's annual conference in late November.
“It was an ideal platform to make this exciting announcement about the partnership which will give the 250,000 plus SBAA members a deeper understanding of how brokers can assist in maximising their business potential,” White said at the time.
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