Leading credit union wins 5-star rating on loan product

by Julia Corderoy19 May 2015
A leading credit union has been awarded a five-star rating from CANSTAR on its biggest selling home loan product.

Gateway Credit Union announced that its Premium Package Home Loan and its Edge Savings Account have won the award for outstanding value.

“We congratulate Gateway Credit Union on their success and their continued drive to deliver outstanding value products to their customers,” said CANSTAR research manager, Mitchell Watson.

“Gateway’s Premium Package home loan is an outstanding value product. It offers a combination of great features and price. It has interest rate that was 0.47% below the market average as well as feature offerings including an offset account; redraw and split facilities all fee free.”

The CANSTAR ratings fall on the heels of a second award for Gateway’s Premium Package Home Loan. Earlier this year the Gateway home loan was also judged by Money magazine as the 2015 winner of the ‘Cheapest home loan package - non bank’.

Gateway’s CEO Paul Thomas said Gateway is proud to be recognised as an industry leader which consistently delivers outstanding value to its members.

“Our customers, who we call members, are the reason that we open our doors every day. As a 100% member owned financial institution, for 60 years we’ve existed only to help our members to achieve their financial hopes and dreams, and that will never change,” he said.

“These accolades underscore why Gateway is now one of Australia’s leading Credit Unions and confirms the strength of our product offerings, direction and strategy.”


  • by Scarlet Ana 19/05/2015 12:58:40 PM

    How exciting, congratulations Gateway - I'm a proud member today!