Lend to offer brokers educational course and free accounting consultation

by Mike Wood08 Jul 2021

Lend have announced a new collaboration with an SME firm, Box Advisory Services, to offer brokers the chance to improve their small business management skills.

Brokers often deal with SME clients, but a large proportion are small businesses themselves, and with the new financial year upon us, Lend have decided to expand their educational offering.

Donelle Brooks, Head of Third Party at Lend, explained the new programme, which will begin on 15 July and feature a private consultation with experts from Box Advisory Services.

“The general and overarching principle of Lend ED has been to be a highly disruptive and engaging programme that provide brokers with the direct opportunity to upskill into commercial finance,” she said.

“The monthly small business accounting component of this initiative has been crazy, it’s been achieving record attendance. On that note, this one coming up on July 15 will be focussing on how brokers can start the new financial year on track. Not so much supporting their clients, which we have focussed on in the first couple of sessions, but actually on the brokers’ business themselves.”

“It’s really important as an industry, because we often focus on the end of the financial year, without due attention on how important it is to get the new financial year off to a strong start to support their brokers growth.”

“This particular Lend ED platform has monthly accounting component really gives the brokers a practical leg up, and we’ve done that by collaborating with the SME accounting specialist Box Advisory Service, and they’ve kindly offered for every registrant to have a complementary 30 to 60 minutes one-on-one consultation to discuss their broker business.”

“This is a two-way street for brokers: they’re trying to educate brokers to deal in commercial finance and on the way, you’re hoping that they take it on themselves into their own business.”

“When you focus on the broker themselves, it’s often like the plumber’s house with the leaking taps. It’s really important to give brokers a direct hand in their own business.”