Major asset finance player rebrands, launches new submission platform

by Mike Wood14 May 2021

One of Australia’s most established names in the asset finance space has rebranded and launched a new platform for brokers.

Agiliti Capital is the new name of NLG Leasing, and will now be able to offer brokers a submission platform that will allow them to streamline their applications.

“Agiliti Capital reinforces our value proposition of being agile in our service and our offering,” said Fanee Amanatidis, General Manager at Agiliti. “It positions our company where we are now and where we’re heading the future. The spelling with the three Is was a conscious decision to resemble our three pillars of strength: knowledge, expertise and service. The capital reflects the broader market that we play in.”

The new Swift submission platform represents a simpler proposition for asset finance brokers.

“The best way to describe it is three words: easy, easy and easy,” said Amanatidis. “We really listened to what our brokers wanted from us, and this is a direct response. They wanted an easier way to refer their clients to us.”

“We switched over to a new platform 18 months ago, and it was fantastic, but it was specifically asset finance subject matter experience platform. That is what we do, but trying to get our members to jump into that was a bit much: they didn’t want to have to learn another system when they had their own. Hence, Swift came along and made it really easy.”

“What our brokers wanted was fast responses in real time, to be able to just name a number for a spot and refer and then jump into Swift for full app commercial deals. The transparency that both will offer is an advantage. Getting notifications of progress on client’s deals straight into the inbox was really important, rather than having to use different platforms.”

“It’s also very intuitive, so the broker only has to follow their way through to submit an application. It offers everything you would expect in today’s age for a client portal, an interview mode and all the APIs you could like from third party providers, such as bank statements or Equifax.”

“Once brokers are accredited with us, they can jump on the landing page and go.”