New development plan will allow for affordable homes

by Rebecca Pike06 Apr 2018

A development industry group has welcomed a move towards simpler planning in NSW, but says more needs to be done to accommodate the planned 725,000 new homes over the next 20 years.

According to NSW Planning, the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code will allow for “more affordable homes, good design and greater housing choice to meet the needs of different households and lifestyles”.

CEO of Urban Taskforce Chris Johnson says it is welcomed by the development industry for its simple planning and ability to save costs for customers.

However, he suggests that councils will need to amend their local environmental plans (LEP) to allow for more medium density housing. He said: “The NSW Government will also need to rezone more land generally for all types of housing to be able to accommodate 725,000 new homes over 20 years.”

Further adding: “The Urban Taskforce is concerned that the Regulation for Medium Density Housing requires only a registered architect to design these two storey developments. There are many building designers in NSW who do a good job of designing two storey homes who will now not be able to design these buildings.

“We encourage the government to expand its use of complying development to the next level by including Mid-Rise Apartments. Apartments up to 6 floors high are under the tree canopy and will include lifts which helps seniors who downsize.”


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